Business woman reads blog about workflow automation software

What to Expect in Workflow Automation in 2018? | Industry Trends

Let’s put aside Hollywood’s version of the future where robots and AI-driven software are about to take over mankind. In reality, the workflow automation software saves humans from having to do repetitive processes over and over again. Besides, things are about to get even better in 2018 with improved cloud support, smartphone integration and ease…
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cflow business process automation approval

Jeez! I approved the wrong request. Wish I could recall my last approval.

How many times have you done things that you wished you could take back – words misspoken, actions that you regret, exits you missed while driving and so on. The most used key in MS Word or Google Sheets is probably Undo. Behind every articulate speech and essay, there lies millions of Undos – writing,…
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cflow purchase order software

Why off-the-shelf Purchase Order software don’t work

Of all the departmental processes that are ripe for automation, the most obvious one is the purchase process. The decisions made here are likely to have cascading effects on the topline and bottomline of organizations. Any delay in the purchase process results in changes to the annual budgets and percolates to departmental hiring decisions and…
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cflow 10 points to consider choosing a BPM software

10 points to consider while choosing a BPM software

Alright, you have reached a moment where you are seeing more time spent in operational issues and fire-fighting than running your business. Your team is creating more spreadsheets than ever and you don’t have a clear idea of the status of different projects. You use disparate software for different functions, all in silos. You know…
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cflow automate process in the logistics industry

4 Workflows to Automate Immediately in the Logistics industry

A global market value of more than $4 trillion, millions in employment all over the world, more than 10% of world GDP, downturns capable of causing huge job losses and ramifications all across the world – yes, I’m referring to the Logistics industry. Many think that Logistics is merely the movement of goods from one…
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Cflow role of cloud in business process transformation

Role of Cloud in BPT

Business Process Transformation (BPT) is the act of completely changing the business process activities to meet a definite business goal. This process of changing requires a thorough examination of all the steps required to achieve the goal, remove unnecessary and redundant steps and automate as many processes as possible to achieve the desired goal with…
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Cflow Workflow Automation a job slayer or booster

Automation – A Job Slayer or Booster?

Actually this is a tricky question. Let me tell you why. An organization will select the automation path in order to streamline their business processes, reduce costs due to manual errors and inefficiency, impose accountability and ultimately improve productivity and efficiency. Organizations have a love-hate relationship with paper, right from invoicing to collaboration. This will…
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Cflow undeniable benefits of workflow automation

5 Undeniable benefits of workflow automation for your business

Before I tell you the irrefutable benefits of automating your business workflows, let’s look at what is workflow and what is automated workflow. Then I shall talk about why a business should automate its workflow by giving the indisputable benefits of workflow automation. A Workflow consists of a series of sequential steps that need to…
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Cflow steps to workflow automation

5 Steps to Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is the quick and easy way to achieve your desired task in an efficient manner with consistent and accurate results the first time and every time. When should a business consider automation? When there is a process (usually repetitive) to implement a series of tasks, it is typically managed manually with a bunch…
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Public forms cflow feature

Public Forms – Enchanting cflow feature

Public Forms is a unique feature which is used to permit everyone with a link to use your application without being a registered user. User may access a form that is available mostly on your public website or intranet. This feature is useful in situations where you wish to collect information from a number of…
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