Accessibility in Cavintek Products

All Cavintek Products (Cflow, SkillRobo, CavinHR), our commitment is to create an inclusive and accessible platform that works for everyone irrespective of their ability, context, or situation. As part of our ongoing efforts to promote accessibility, we have implemented several features to ensure an optimal user experience for all individuals.

User interface 

Cavintek Products (Cflow, SkillRobo, CavinHR) has a clean interface that makes navigation effortless and comprehensible for everyone.

Screen reader compatibility

Our platform is compatible with screen readers, enabling seamless access to information for visually impaired users.

Font size

Our platform offers resizable text with distinct and legible fonts, ensuring readability for users with varying visual abilities.

Keyboard shortcuts

With built-in keyboard shortcuts for all modules, users can access controls without using a mouse.


Cavintek Products (Cflow, SkillRobo, CavinHR) have a different themes with good color contrast for a good readability.

Dark mode

Users can configure the display in Cavintek Products (Cflow, SkillRobo, CavinHR) to their comfort or by aligning with their operating system’s dark mode settings.

Error suggestions

When input errors occur, our platform provides clear messaging and offers suitable suggestions to help users rectify their submissions.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our accessibility support, please write to us at