Sure you can. CFLOW’s unique design allows you to design your form so that maximum information can be collected during initiation. Forms can be divided into sections and may contain regular fields, large textbooks and tables.
Although you see a single form during your initial setup, the properties of the form fields can be changed in each process stage. The default behavior is that the form fields are editable in the Creation stage (1st stage) and read only in all successive stages. If you wish to hide a field in the later stage, you will want to select the field properties at that stage as shown below:

Now, select the field and update the property. For example, set the field as inactive if you want to completely hide this field in this process stage. See screenshot below.

As you can see, CFLOW gives you complete flexibility in designing your form and fields so that the right information is presented at the right stage to the right people. CFLOW dramatically improves productivity and implicitly reduces user errors. Try it NOW.
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