CFLOW is a workflow automation software for SMBs and there are 100s of use cases where CFLOW can be used effectively to improve the productivity of organizations. While the more common processes typically involve one or more levels of approvals, there are a number of processes that might not involve any approvals, but still be very apt for CFLOW.
One example is a Product Data Sheet process. The information that goes into a product data sheet comes from different departments, the product specifications come from the production department, product photos and images and description come from marketing, prices come from sales, and availability comes from planning. Instead of back and forth emails with disparate information floating around, you might want to create a simple process that has the necessary fields for different departments to put in their information and route it back. An optional approval step might actually help in streamlining the entire product data sheet creation and publishing process.
Another example is a Tender Application process where different sections of the Tender requires input from different departments/owners. Using CFLOW, you not only have all information in a secure, central location for a single source of truth, but you also have the ability to enforce SLAs and stick to your deadlines.
s you can see, CFLOW can be used in multiple scenarios for dramatically improving productivity of organizations. Call us today at 1.424.227.2286 or email to and talk to us about how we can improve your productivity.
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