You bet! While we strongly encourage users to review each request individually before deciding to approve or reject, we feel that there are special circumstances when you might want to approve a number of requests in one shot. We have listened to our customers requesting such a feature similar to what is available in SAP and other Enterprise ERP. CFLOW’s primary goal is to improve productivity of customers and this feature is certain to make life much easier in some use cases.
Here is how you can enable and use this productivity-enhancing feature –
Login as administrator and click on the Properties icon for that Process Stage. In this example screenshot below, we have selected the Biodata Entry process stage.

Select the Multiple Approval checkbox as shown below.

Now, login as a reviewer of the Biodata Entry stage. You will see a checkbox beside each entry. Select one or more lines and the available statuses will be displayed in a dropdown as shown below.

Select Approved and a final confirmation dialog reaffirms your intent to perform a bulk approval and all selected requests are approved using a single click. The requests would move to the next stage and appropriate email notifications will be triggered.
Try it out and get your Managers to be more productive than ever before.
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