Deletion is not a common action in CFLOW. This is disabled by default. Your administrator can enable the Delete option in the Form properties screen of the Control Center. Once this option is enabled, a checkbox will show up beside each request in the Workflow Details page that comes up when a workflow is selected. Click on the checkbox beside the requests that you wish to delete and the Delete icon will be enabled above the requests. Click Delete to delete the requests.
It is common to play around with the workflow creation tool and after some time, you might want to clean up the workflows page so that you have only the workflows that are relevant and useful. In this case, your administrator can choose the Delete option for the selected workflow in the Control Center. An extra word of caution here – if a workflow is deleted, all data and reports pertaining to this workflow will be irreversibly lost forever.

Enable the Delete Control setting in the Form Properties of the workflow. Now, in the workflow requests list page, selecting one or more requests will display a Delete option as shown below –

Use with care and keep your work(flows) clean and tidy!
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