Yes, it does. Many a time, you would like to see fields on the screen that are more easy to read. Who would be interested in seeing a customer code ‘NY-ABC-0234’? But the moment the customer name ’Columbia University’ pops up, the context becomes very clear. It is increasingly important to present data that is easy to read, relevant and actionable. And codes are displayed prominently only in arcane legacy applications. The usage of mobile for business transactions is proliferating and optimum data presentation in smaller form factors is critical.
Hidden fields enable you to hide the code fields and show only the fields that are relevant and readable to the user. You can set a field as a hidden field by selecting the field type property for the field.

Any field in a form can be hidden. You may perform arithmetic and string manipulation on hidden fields and also use them for storing temporary values while performing complex arithmetic operations. You may use hidden fields in tables too.
Try it out and let us know how hidden fields have helped you in your use case.
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