CFLOW helps you achieve much greater productivity than what you were able to do with spreadsheets and email. Although role-based security streamlines your access permissions and ensures the right people have access to the right process stages, there are cases when you need a request to be reviewed by one person within that role specific to a particular request. In this case, you don’t want to clutter the view for others even though they are in the same role. In order to achieve this micro-level access control at different process stages, CFLOW provides a keyword ApproverX where X is the number of process stage. So the access to the 1st process stage after initiation will be Approver1, 2nd process stage would be Approver2 and so on. The Approver1 and Approver2 fields can be automatically populated via a lookup Approver Matrix or can be selected from a dropdown list of possible values. Now, when a request is submitted, only the Approver1 is notified and has access to this request. This way, you can fine-tune the access control within CFLOW.
Try it out and let us know if this helps in your use case.
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