All data stored under your client is owned by you. You are free to export the data anytime you want. While the data is safe and secure with daily full backups and incremental backups every 5 minutes, it is absolutely normal for customers to maintain backup copies of the data within their CFLOW account.
Here are a couple of options for you to export data from CFLOW:
1. The data in a workflow can be exported by enabling the Excel Export option for the selected workflow in the Workflow list page. In this case, you can choose the fields that need to be exported. Clicking on the Excel Export button will export all data to an Excel spreadsheet.
2. You can create a table report and select one or more fields in a workflow to be displayed in the report. You may also choose to break this data down by selecting the large text boxes in a separate report and adding date as a search criteria. Choose your preferred date range and export the resulting data shown on the screen to Excel or PDF.
Try any of the above methods to export your data. Rest assured that even if you miss out, we’ll cover your back and ensure all data is adequately backed up.
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