My workflow has 8 stages and each stage is handled by a different reviewer based on who the initiator is and the category that is selected. Is it possible to create a custom approval matrix in CFLOW to handle such cases?
CFLOW lets you create a number of combinations of approvers based on any number of fields in your form. With CFLOW, you are limited only by your imagination. In this case, you would create a lookup that matches your requirements and has the initiator and category as the key fields. You’ll then add the approvers (Approver1, Approver2, Approver3 and so on) as additional fields in this lookup. You can then fill this lookup with data based on the list of approvers.

Now, connect your workflow so that based on the category and initiator, the approver matrix would be automatically filled. This can be done by selecting the Lookups icon under the selected workflow in the Control Center.

Thats it! Now, when you create a new request and select the category, the list of approvers would be automatically filled based on approval matrix.
Try it out and let us know how you use this feature.
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