Yes, you bet. CFLOW is probably the only BPM software in its class that provides both the depth and breadth of functionality related to notifications. You may send automatic email notifications when a request is initiated or approved or the status of the request changes. You may also send notifications based on time trigger, such as 2 days before deadline date. You may also send escalation emails when an SLA is breached. You may also choose to send SMS messages in any of these instances. An automatic email reminder functionality that goes out every night serves as an effective reminder for approvers to complete their tasks immediately.
You may modify and format the email notifications from the Email Settings page in the Control Center.

There are a number of keywords that can be used in the email content to format and customize the notification. You can pretty much use any of the fields in the form along with approvers and approval comments in your email content and make the right context to the approver. The keywords that are available can be easily seen by clicking the ? icon as shown below.

You may also change the font, size, color and other visual properties to ensure your emails are not only functional but visually appealing.
Hope you can take advantage of these features and send smart notifications to your users.
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