Jan 20 2016
Can I Recall my wrongly submitted requests?

Jan 13 2016
Can I embed my request details and tables via email notifications?

Jan 06 2016
Can I share my Cflow reports via email?

Nov 4 2016
What is the signature option in the Profile used for?

Oct 28 2016
Gee, wouldn’t it be cool to get a quick status update on all requests?

Oct 21 2016
How can I create a customized running serial number field that is based on my product category and month/year of submission?

Oct 14 2016
Is it possible to define my working days so that the SLA can be calculated accurately?

Oct 07 2016
I’ve created a new workflow in CFLOW easily, but the features seem to be quite limited. I couldn’t even make my fields mandatory or customize my email notifications. Why?

Sep 30 2016
Is there a way to force users to attach a document?

Sep 23 2016
Can I personalize CFLOW by updating my company logo?

Sep 16 2016
Where can I customize the date format so that it shows up as MM/DD/YYYY?

Sep 09 2016
Is there an easy way to identify the users playing a particular role?

Sep 02 2016
I have created my first workflow in CFLOW but am not able to see it. What do I do?

Aug 26 2016
Can I send multiple emails when a request is approved and with slightly different content?

Aug 19 2016
Personalize your public forms

Aug 12 2016
I have some users that are not initiators nor approvers, but would like to see the progress of requests in a certain workflow. Is that possible?

Aug 05 2016
Some of my form fields require additional explanation. It would be cool to be able to add a help text here.

Jul 29 2016
Clone them, yeah baby!

Jul 22 2016
Whats with these new reports?

Jul 15 2016
Material design – sneak peek

Jul 08 2016
How do I delete my request? Can I delete a workflow?

Jul 01 2016
Implementing multiple SLAs based on rules

Jun 24 2016
Do you know about these special approver fields Approver1, Approver2, and so on?

Jun 17 2016
Do you know that CFLOW displays certain files inline within your form detail?

Jun 10 2016
Different methods to export data How do I export my data in CFLOW?

Jun 03 2016
CFLOW integrated with more than 500 apps

May 27 2016
Can I automatically fill in the initiator’s name, department and position?

May 20 2016
My workflow has 8 stages and each stage is handled by a different reviewer based on who the initiator is and the category that is selected. Is it possible to create a custom approval matrix in CFLOW to handle such cases?

May 13 2016
Can I make a form created in CFLOW available on my public website, like a registration form?

May 06 2016
Can I populate values from an external database in a form in CFLOW?

Apr 29 2016
Does CFLOW support hidden fields in forms?

Apr 22 2016
Can I modify and format the email notifications in CFLOW?

Apr 15 2016
I’ve designed my form but some of the fields don’t need to be shown in some process stages. Can I hide them or make them inactive?

Apr 08 2016
I understand that CFLOW can be used for approval-based workflows. Are there any other use cases for CFLOW?

Apr 01 2016
I have a bunch of routine requests waiting for my approval. Does CFLOW support bulk approvals?

Mar 18 2016
The field properties that show up during creation of a workflow is quite limited. How do I set a field to be mandatory and have unique values?

Mar 11 2016
How do I identify bottlenecks in my process?

Mar 03 2016
Do you know that you can create Dashboard Reports and any number of Table Reports easily in CFLOW?

Feb 26 2016
Do you know that you can reuse lookup functions across multiple workflows?

Feb 19 2016
Do you know that CFLOW supports running serial number that can be formatted to different length?

Feb 12 2016
Have you Noticed these icon and information in the Initiators grid?

Feb 05 2016
Do you know the 2 quick ways to approve a pending request?

Jan 22 2016
Do you know the 3 ways to access the requests pending for your approval?