To create a workflow with cflow wizard-driven workflow designer, login to the cflow application.

Click on the ‘Add Workflow’ icon from the left menu bar.

You will see four tabs in the workflow designer.

In the first tab ‘Name your workflow’, give a name to your workflow.

You could give a brief description of your workflow in the ‘Workflow Description’ section.


Next, click on the ‘Design Form’ tab.

In this screen, you can give a name for your form, define the fields, their data type,

the display type of the fields and the type of values you would like to store in the fields.

You can also add a Table to your form by clicking on the ‘Add Table’ button.

You can do all this just by the drag and drop of your mouse.

You can add new sections by clicking on the ‘Add Section’ button.

Click on the button ‘Add Large Textbox’ to add this type of field after all the form fields.

You can add ‘New Fields’ under each section by clicking on the ‘Add New Field’ icon against each ‘Section’ frame.


Now, click on the tab ‘Create Flow’.

In this screen, you can create the steps that the Form will go through. It can be designed to be a step

that requires an approval or be used just for information collection (Info).

You can also specify an existing user role as ‘Reviewer’ of the step or add new user roles.

You can send the work to an approver or set field values based on certain conditions.

You could also trigger a totally new workflow and map fields between workflows.

All this can be done now with the help of ‘Visual Flow Chart’ deisgner.

Just drag and drop the ‘Process Step’ icon at the left corner and add the names of your workflow steps.

Click on the link icon at the right corner of each process step to drag and draw the link to another process step to establish the flow.

Click on the ‘icon’ between each of the links to define the rules for the proces step to follow.


Click on the last tab, ‘Add Users’ to add the users specific to each process stage.