A workflow in cflow facilitates routing of tasks or activities from one person to another. It could be a leave application process for employees to

To create a workflow with cflow wizard-driven workflow designer, login to the cflow application. Click on the ‘Add Workflow’ icon from the

A request can be made to go to multiple reviewers (parallel branches) while designing your workflow using the ‘Workflow Designer’.

Yes, it is possible to have multiple splits and joins in a single workflow. Click here to know how your request can be made to go to multiple reviewer

Yes, you can customize the email notifications using the cflow application. Click here to watch a help video on email customization using cflow

There are 4 methods of email customization, that can be done with the cflow product: * Visual Customization * Dynamic Field Value Substitution

Dynamic Field Value Substitution means dynamically substituting the email id of the person in the role specified in the ‘To Field’ of the

Usage of multiple email id’s is another email customization option that is available in cflow. In situations where you will have to send

Automatic Replacement of Keywords is yet another interesting and useful feature to customize emails in the cflow application. In the ‘To’

Yes, we do support email-based approvals. When your workflow moves through different process steps, you have the option to trigger email

Yes, you can change the values in the status fields. Login to the cflow application with admin access. Click on the icon ‘Control Center

Yes you can add styles to the email notifications. Click here to know in detail on adding styles and also the other email customization features

Yes, you can ‘Export’ the workflow you have created by clicking on the ‘Export’ button. It will get saved as .zip file to your loca