To specify ‘Process Owners’ login to the cflow application.

Click on the ‘Control Center’ icon from the left menu bar.

Click on the ‘Workflow’ from the first column for which you would like to assign the ‘Process Owners’.

Next, click on the ‘Workflow Properties’ icon from the list of icons displayed under the workflow name.


In the ‘Workflow Properties’ screen, click on the text field against the field name ‘Owners’.

A dropdown showing the list of owner names appears.

Select the checkbox against the owner name.

Click the ‘Save’ button to save the changes made to the workflow.


Now, the owner name selected is considered the ‘Process Owner’ of this workflow.

When a user is the ‘Process Owner’ of a workflow, then when he clicks against the icon ‘Workflow Analytics’ in the left menu bar, he can get a detailed status of his workflows.

The different status in which a workflow can be are :

  • Delayed
  • Closed
  • On Time

The graphical display shows the no. of workflows in each status.


A click on the respective bar graphs takes into a drilled down view of the workflow, as shown in the below screenshot.