To add an ‘Excel Export’ option to your workflow, click on the ‘Control Panel’ icon from the left menu bar.

Click on the ‘Workflow’ for which you would like to the excel export option from the ‘Workflow’ column.

Click on the icon ‘Form Properties’ under the ‘Forms’ column.


In the ‘Form Properties’ screen, you will notice a check box, ‘Excel Export’.


Select the check box ‘Excel Export’ and click on ‘Save’ button.

View the workflow screen and you can notice the ‘Excel Export’ icon added to the top left corner of the screen.


The next step is that you will have to specify the fields that can be exported from your workflow to an excel spreadsheet.

To do this, click on the icon ‘Imports/Export’ under the section name.


You will land on the ‘Excel Import/Export Settings’ screen.

In this screen, you can see a section ‘Excel Export Setting’, under this there will be names of the columns created in this workflow with check boxes against each of them.

You can select the names of the column which you would like to export to an excel spreadsheet through the ‘Excel Export’ option.

After selecting the check boxes against the column names, click on the Save button.


Now go back to the GUI screen of the workflow screen and click on the icon ‘Excel Export’.


You can see that the excel file will be exported to your local system.

Screenshot of the exported excel spreadsheet will be as shown below.