Reordering of sections can be done using the visual editor.

Click here to know how field ordering is done using visual editor.

Just as you reorder the fields, you could also reorder the sections.

The below explanation and screenshot shows how this can be done using the cflow application.

Access the ‘Form Arrangement’ screen, by clicking on the below link:

‘Control Center’ icon from the left menu bar -> Click on your Workflow from the first column where all the Workflows are listed.

From the ‘Forms’ listed, click on the ‘Fields’ icon.


You will land on the visual ‘Form Arrangement’ screen.

Here you can rearrange or reorder your form fields and also your sections as a whole.

Just click over the section along with its fields and move it to a different location.

Click on Save button provided on the right top corner to see the changes implemented in the GUI workflow screen.

You have the option to reorder the sections that were designed during the workflow creation.