Some of the properties of the fields that you create in your form can be edited even after you save the workflow.

‘Field Name’ and ‘Data Type’ are 2 field properties that cannot be changed as the data capture to the

back end happens through these fields. All the other visual properties of the field can be edited.

To view the field properties, click on the below link:

‘Control Center’ icon in the left menu bar – > Select the ‘Workflow’ from the first column->

-> Under the Second Column ‘Forms’ -> Click on the icon ‘Fields’


The visual editor of ‘Field Details’ screen opens up.

Against each field there is a link ‘Edit Field’. Clicking on this link opens up ‘Fields Details’ screen.


The below screenshot shows the ‘Field Details’ screen, which has all the editable properties of the field.


Click here to know in detail about all the editable field properties.