What does this feature ‘Automatic employee number and name’ refer to?

It means that when a user logs into the cflow application and clicks on a workflow

and then clicks on the ‘Add New’ button to add a new record, his employee number and employee name

gets automatically populated in the Form.To implement this feature, you will have to create a master table

or workflow with the below mandatory fields and few other fields.

  • Employee No
  • Employee Name
  • Login Id

Details of all the users login details to the application must be updated in this ‘Employee Master’ table/workflow.

A sample user record updated in the master table is shown in the below screenshot.


Now, create a new workflow and ensure that it has a field with field name, ‘Employee_No’.

Next, login with the login id updated in the ‘Employee Master table/workflow’.


Select the workflow which is created with the a form with a field name ‘Employee_No’.

Click on the ‘Add New’ button.


The ‘Tasks’ screen, opens up and the form will have the ‘Employee No and Name automatically populated for the new record.

This is done based on the login id and its details updated in the ‘Employee Master’ table or workflow.