You can Design your Form quickly with the wizard driven visual workflow designer of cflow. In the first screen ‘Name your Workflow’,

Here we are going to see about the 3 different Form properties in your workflow. Sections Large Text boxes Table

Field ordering using the visual editor is a very exciting feature of the cflow application. Using this feature, we can move the fields to the

Some of the properties of the fields that you create in your form can be edited even after you save the workflow. ‘Field Name’ and ‘Data

Before we look into the ‘Editable Field Properties’, here is a quick look into the 2 non-editable field properties. Field Name and Data

Formula can be used in a ‘Table’ designed in your Form and also directly in the ‘Main Form Fields’. Add a table to your form

To print your form as Word document or PDF, login to the cflow application. Click on the icon ‘Workflows’ from the left menu bar.

Reordering of sections can be done using the visual editor. Click here to know how field ordering is done using visual editor. Just as

Auto-populate means to populate a field value automatically based on the entry or input in another field. To do this, cflow product utilities the

What does this feature ‘Automatic employee number and name’ refer to? It means that when a user logs into the cflow application and clicks

To add Formula directly in the Main Form Fields, follow the below link: ‘Control Center’ icon from left menu bar -> Select ‘Workflow