Information Technology

Are you an IT company servicing a number of clients across multiple geographies and different timezones? Are you focused on delivering the best value for your clients? Are you looking to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Cavintek equips you with the tools necessary to deliver state-of-art services to your customers worldwide. Cflow automates your business processes, ranging from new employee IT setup, internal stores management, help desk management to contracts management and compliance. Cflow helps transform yourself from an IT service provider with applications in silos to an optimized provider of high-value and insightful business applications.

Cflow automates business processes
Cflow automates business processes for high tech industry

Cflow provides you with critical insights on your process bottlenecks, operational efficiencies and resource utilization and helps you create optimized processes that deliver the best value for you and your customers. The ability to crunch the data and deliver critical and effective insights are unique features very few BPM vendors offer out of the box.

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