Health Care

The Healthcare industry is bogged by regulations and processes that seem to stifle innovation and experimentation. In addition, the industry is extremely sensitive to costs. Cavintek’s cflow provides an effective platform for delivering patient services and healthcare coverage that are innovative, yet incredibly cost-effective.

Cflow healthcare

Cflow healthcare

A patient entering a care providers office is already in pain. Creating a workflow that eases that pain even by a tiny fraction would serve the patients cause and render your services invaluable. Cflow provides you with a workflow software that helps you create applications that are simple, intuitive and very fast to assemble and deploy. Here are some cflow use cases for the Healthcare industry –

Patient Records Management

Create a central repository of patient information that is fast to access, secure and meets all compliance requirements.

Patient Check In and Check Out Process

Provide an user experience that eases your patients’ burden. Fill in information once and never again. Put a smile on your patient’s face and earn goodwill forever.

Coverage Approvals

Get the right information to the right people and drive the approval process efficiently with total focus on your patients.

Treatment Plan Approvals

Create the process that makes most sense for your situation, un-complicate your approval forms and design a system that is made just for you, without writing a single line of code, saving thousands of dollars.

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