Are you looking at ways to grow your business? Do you wish to increase compliance and reduce risk? If so, try cflow today and start realizing the benefits of process automation quickly and effectively. Cavintek’s cflow is a workflow software that helps transform businesses from being overly dependent on spreadsheets and emails to automated business applications that are streamlined and efficient.

From account opening to loan origination, cflow provides a streamlined approach to create business applications that are intuitive and incredibly quick to deploy. You’ll have the information and tools needed to take business decisions quickly, correctly and collaboratively.

Here are some cflow use cases in the Financial Services industry –

Account Opening

Your customer needs are best met by having the right information and right people involved at the time of account creation. Get all information in one place and share it effectively with the right stakeholders.

Customer Onboarding

Manage the process of onboarding a customer, from account opening to funding, all through a single, intuitive interface.

Loan Application

Ensure consistency in the loan application process, providing reassurance to your customers and streamlining your operations.


Create collections workflow process so that load is distributed across your team and you have clear visibility on progress.


Create a streamlined process of data availability, document management aimed at ensuring compliance and risk mitigation.

Customer Service

Efficient communication and resolution of issues are paramount – use cflow to increase customer service levels via consistent workflow process.

Cflow finance process

Cflow finance process

Cflow finance process automation

Cflow automates finance process

Cflow finance process

Cflow Finance Process

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