Are you a Construction Industry professional looking to become more productive and efficient? If so, read on and see how cflow can help you achieve your objectives quickly.

Cflow is a workflow automation software that helps you transition from a paper-based and error-prone style of working to a process-based, efficient mode of working.

You can transform your business or department using tools of automation and create a happier workforce and satisfied customers.

Cflow Workflow automation software

Whether it is proposals to be created, reviewed and submitted, or work order assignment and management, or safety training or observation report management, or action items and issues tracking, you can use cflow to design forms and create workflows that matches your unique business.

If creating workflows are intimidating or you just don’t want to do it yourself, sign up for concierge support (link to open a popup with some fields and submit that will send email to and one of our online support folks will hand hold you and get your workflows created for you. Absolutely Free!

Cflow also provides additional plugins for the building construction industry. Purchasing Management (includes automatic Purchase Order creation as pdf docs) Item Procurement Workflow and Inventory Management.

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