Smart Process Application

Create beautiful and meaningful applications that does exactly what you need and gives you the critical information when you need it. Smart process applications help you straddle the process bottlenecks and provides you with context-sensitive information anytime and everytime.

Cflow Smart process

Jose started manufacturing environment-friendly CFL light bulbs 2 years ago and quickly grew to 2 cities, 4 warehouses and 8 showrooms. He sold directly to wholesalers, retailers and had his own showrooms as well. He started off handling his purchases and sales manually in long note books and quickly had to upgrade to spreadsheets and an accounting software due to the rapid growth. But this soon became unmanageable with very little visibility on manufacturing efficiency, lost and stolen goods, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Joseph reviewed a number of off-the-shelf software for inventory management and CRM but didn’t find a good fit. Jose evaluated cflow and immediately fell in love with its simplicity. He was shocked to hear that the price too was a fraction of what he was quoted from a well-known competitor. He was up and running in weeks and can see the software growing in features along with his business. Jose manages purchases, inventory, orders, sales and customers with cflow and has the most relevant information at his fingertips. We love to see his happy face.

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