SharePoint Alternative Cflow

Customer Success – Creating a workflow is quick, friendly and painless. Most importantly, our customer support is world-class. it’s simple, call us unlike Microsoft, we don’t charge for telephone support. We also provide an online chat facility that’s accessed directly from your account.

Pay as you Go – Cflow is as flexible as you need it to be allowing you to scale up and down as your requirements. The software-as-a-service approach allows Cflow users to access their data over the internet without any need for internal support.

Reduce IT burden – There’s no setup, maintenance or support required. Cflow is ready to go and users can create worfklow and shall gain access to the complete process in less than 5 minutes.

Secure – We understand that none of this matters unless you can trust that your data is safe. Cflow is hosted on the amazon cloud in Virginia. When you’ve set up a workflow, only users you’ve invited are allowed access to any of the workflow you have created. Your sensitive, confidential data are stored and shared in a bulletproof environment.