Safe & Secure

At Cavintek, we understand that you are as safe as your data. That is why we employ industry best practices in enforcing security. All data is encrypted during transport using SSL and Cavintek guarantees an uptime of 99.95%.

Cflow data encryption

All confidential data is encrypted, stored and backed up. We enforce strict password policies by default and provide our customers with advanced password policy customizations including multi-factor authentication (MFA), password expiry timelines and non-repeatable passwords.

Our data centers are manned 24 X 7, with trained security guards, built-in firewalls and private subnets. Elaborate security policies control access levels for our own staff to access these servers. All databases are backed up every 5 minutes, so the maximum data loss is restricted to 5 minutes.

In case of a disaster in the data center, we’ll attempt to restore services failing which the data would be accessed from an alternate data center in a different region. We host our applications on the Amazon Cloud.

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