ProcessMaker Alternative Cflow

A better alternative to ProcessMaker

Cflow provides a simple interface to automate critical functions of a business, including Finance, IT, Sales, HR & Operations. Workflow can be created, tested and put to use in minutes. Cflow comes with a notification engine as well as a collaboration interface and teamwork is inherently built into the application. Try Cflow for FREE today!

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Flexible – Cutomizable email notifications so you never miss a task.
Intelligent form validation ensures data quality and integrity.
Define complex workflow rules using simple queries.
Auto-populate values based on lookup tables.

Powerful – View real-time analytics and reports on all processes.
Rich, graphical and actionable reports provide critical business insights.
Capture and analyze process bottlenecks for optimization.
Auto-populate values via webservices and connections to external data stores.

Social – Collaborate with stake-holders and improve efficiencies.
Streamlined management of processes, people and data.
Export and Import workflows using XML.