Powerful Workflow Automation Features

The powerful features of cflow that distinguishes it from the other workflow automation tools available in the business market:

  • Dynamic Field Sorting
  • Fields with auto-incrementing values
  • New Sections addition to the Form
  • Email customization
  • Auto-filled values in forms
  • Lookup feature

Dynamic Field Sorting

You can re-arrange your Form fields after you save your workflow using this ‘Fields’ icon feature of CFlow which allows you to visually arrange the form field just by drag and drop.


You can move the fields dynamically across different locations in the form and even between sections.


Fields with auto-incrementing value

With CFlow ‘Identity’ data type, you can set fields with auto-incrementing values.


New Sections addition to the Form

You can add a new section to your workflow even after the workflow is Saved.

Click on the ‘Field’ icon under the ‘Forms’ column of the workflow in the Control Center .



Email customization
A logical feature to send email acknowledgements to both the submitter and reviewer of the workflow process at all stages.
This snapshot shows the different customization possibilities available with the Email feature.


Auto filled values in forms
The auto filled values in forms is a feature which is used to populate a related field value for a data selected in another field. One such example is populating the email id of the person name selected as shown in the below snapshot.


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