Kissflow Alternative Cflow

A better alternative to Kissflow

Cflow provides a simple way to automate business processes within companies. cflow helps SMBs transition from running their processes on emails and spreadsheets to using automated applications that help increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Create and Publish your Workflow in 4 Easy Steps

Intuitive Dashboard –From here you can initiate your Worlflow Requests, see all your Initiated Items, see the requests that are still in progess and the requests that need your Action, and provide Approvals quickly and easily.

Workflow User Analytics –Do you want to track User Performance analytics and monitor KPIs?It’s easy to track bottlenecks and monitor process efficiency with our dynamically generated Workflow User Analytics

Simple & Quick Integration –If you are one of the thousands of users using both Cflow and Code by Zapier, you have no doubt tried to hook them together. Zapier integration allows users to connect Cflow to hundreds of other apps in real time.

Anywhere & Anytime –Cflow is available for Android & iPhone. You can also install Cflow on your Chrome Browser or from the Google Apps Marketplace.