Many organizations face difficulties with internal workflow processes on a daily basis. The problem most companies face is that key operational processes and workflows are locked in back office systems and documents requiring key stakeholders signature are buried in the rubble. With Cflow e-signature module, you can upload documents and send the link to managers or vendors for them to sign online anywhere from the office or on the go!

Cflow e-signature supports workflow and document management solution, making it simple, easy to digitally sign documents, forms, images, drawings or any other files.

Some of the benefits with the e-signature module are

  • Reduced costs by avoiding printing, signing, scanning and archiving documents
  • Improved and secured processes
  • Paperless and Go Green solution
  • High-security solution
  • Control access to information within your organization

Here are the key features of the e-signature module

  • Digitally sign & send any type of document.
  • Tightly integrated with your automated workflow solution to enable multiple reviewers and signatures.
  • Supported on mobile & tablet so approvers can sign anytime, anywhere.
  • All actions are reflected concurrently on the initiator and approver screens.
  • Store signatures securely.
  • Decide the workflow or order sequence in which the document must be reviewed and signed.
  • Send notifications when a document is ready to be e-signed.

The Cflow e-signature automates your organizational workflows saving time, cost and resources. Here you go! Click here to improve your organizational workflow using Cflow.