Think about all the applications you use every day at work. Some of them might help create invoices, others are for managing customers, organizing work flows or tracking payments. Even though they have designed at different tasks, the integration of various activities is possible and can bring real benefits.

Zapier is an integrated platform that connects applications and automates the flow of data between them. It allows business users to retrieve data from different systems, based on specific triggers.

Today, we are happy to announce that Cflow has been added to this platform allowing users to connect with more than 500 apps accessible from Zapier.
How exactly does Zapier work?

Zapier notices actions in one application and triggers actions in other apps that are paired with it. For example if you want to automatically create a task that validates the invoice against your purchase order and alert your accounting department whenever you receive a supplier invoice in your Gmail account then you would create a Zap.

Using the ‘Make a New Zap’ wizard, you would set the new email as the ‘trigger’ and set up, ‘create new task’ within Cflow as the ‘action’ for that trigger. You can also configure the Cflow and Gmail accounts you want to use in this wizard and make things clear by using the name of the task in the email subject.

This is a simple example of what a Zap can do. Each app in Zapier represents its own sets of triggers and actions covering ways in which data can flow in and out of it.

Here is an another example – Let’s say you need a new row to be added to a Google spreadsheet every time a new request is submitted in a workflow in CFLOW. Traditionally, this will require a custom integration with Google API. Similarly, integration with Slack and Salesforce would have required separate code to be written for Slack and Salesforce. Now, with Zapier, we can get all of these done with very little effort. So, post an update in Slack when a new request is submitted in CFLOW. Similarly, create a new row in a Google Spreadsheet when a request is submitted in CFLOW.

Automating your operations gives you greater control over the processes taking place in your business. It allows you to send information at just the right time. Here are the few sample zaps for your check out:-

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