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Business woman reads blog about workflow automation software

What to Expect in Workflow Automation in 2018? | Industry Trends

Let’s put aside Hollywood’s version of the future where robots and AI-driven software are about to take over mankind. In reality, the workflow automation software saves humans from having to do repetitive processes over and over again. Besides, things are about to get even better in 2018 with improved cloud support, smartphone integration and ease…
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Cflow undeniable benefits of workflow automation

5 Undeniable benefits of workflow automation for your business

Before I tell you the irrefutable benefits of automating your business workflows, let’s look at what is workflow and what is automated workflow. Then I shall talk about why a business should automate its workflow by giving the indisputable benefits of workflow automation. A Workflow consists of a series of sequential steps that need to…
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Public forms cflow feature

Public Forms – Enchanting cflow feature

Public Forms is a unique feature which is used to permit everyone with a link to use your application without being a registered user. User may access a form that is available mostly on your public website or intranet. This feature is useful in situations where you wish to collect information from a number of…
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Cflow business processes every company need to automate

5 business processes every company will need to automate

Before I start with telling you the workflows that every company will definitely need to automate in order to increase work efficiency and thereby productivity, let me first give you my understanding of workflows and why at all should a company need a business process automation software. A workflow is a sequence or series of…
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Cflow Office Automation

Office Automation – why and how?

What is Business Process Automation? It is the software enabled automation of a set of activities to accomplish a specific function or workflow. Automation can be achieved in almost all segments of a business process, right from HR to sales, management, operations and Information Technology. To illustrate, consider a case when a new employee joins…
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Automate Workflows Easily – CFLOW

Workflow is a concept closely related to reengineering and automating business processes in an organization. When the term ‘Workflow’ is used, most people think about a manufacturing process on a production line. But today ‘Workflow Management’ is applicable to all industries. The constant need to optimize workflows has led organizations to look for operating efficiencies…
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