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Raj Petro Specialities Group – Cflow Case Study

Raj Petro Specialities Group

Raj Group automates Tender Management process using CFLOW

Raj Group is a multi-product, multi location conglomerate with world class products and services encompassing the entire product spectrum of petroleum specialities business. Transformer oils, process oils/gels and lubricants are the broad product categories offered by Raj Goup. The Group offers an exhaustive range of over 500 world class products covering a wide spectrum of application, as well as speciality segments of the industry.


Prior to implementing Cflow, Raj Group used several different systems to evaluate and participate in the incoming tenders. A wide variety of software tools were tried out starting from email and spreadsheets to home-grown custom applications. Unfortunately, very little progress was made and a number of tenders went unanswered. In fact, the situation was so acute that barely 5% of eligible tenders were being responded. Tenders were being handled by the head office and routed manually. The process was quite inefficient and senior managers at the head office had very little visibility on the status of tenders.

“Because we had to go to several different systems to look for information, one group wasn’t aware of what the other group was doing,” explained Balaji V, Business Analyst at Raj Group..


Raj Group wanted to automate the entire process, right from the time a consolidated tenders list email is received to tracking the tender application till a tender is won or lost. The ability to route requests automatically to a regional manager was crucial. After looking into several solutions, including some well-known names in the industry, Raj Group chose Cflow, primarily for the customization capability of the product and ability to integrate with disparate systems. Raj Group was also impressed with several innovative features and suggestions that Cavintek brought to the table. “All customer references that we spoke to were extremely happy with Cavintek and they were raving about the support they were receiving.” added Balaji.


Now, the entire tender process is streamlined and transparent. The key management team is able to view the number of tenders responded to and productivity of the tender application process is visible clearly. The regional managers are notified via email and they have a ready list of tenders to work on every morning. The team is able to capture all details pertaining to a tender and thorough analysis can be done later on the best tenders to send quotes on.

“We are seeing more than 70% increase in tender participation and our efficiency has also improved dramatically.” said Balaji. “There is a world of difference between how things were run before and after Cflow. It has become pretty obvious for our management to view the status at all times and take necessary action quickly.”