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Name your workflow

Give a name to your workflow. This would be something like Patient Registration, Budget Review, Travel Request, etc.

If you would like to start from one of the pre-built templates, you could choose the workflow most relevant to yours and go ahead and modify to match your flow. We have a number of pre-built templates covering all aspects of a business like marketing, sales, engineering, quality control, human resources, hiring, training and skills development, and more.



Design your form

Start your form design by providing a name. Add form fields by giving the name, display type (textbox, dropdown, checkbox, and so on), and type of values you would like to store. Add tables if you would like to capture multiple line items in a single form record. An example here would be an invoice that has multiple line items for a single invoice number.

You can even specify the values in your dropdown by filling in a comma-separated list of values. You can configure to pull in values automatically from another form or workflow.

In the Advanced Edit mode, you will have the capability to set field properties at a much more granular level. You can specify the field length, whether the field is mandatory, contains only unique values, a tooltip to display help information, a default value and more. You can view the Advanced Edit page after your workflow is saved. Choose the Admin menu and select the workflow and field you wish to edit.

Add your process steps

Create the steps that the form will go through. Specify if a step requires an approval or will be used for just information collection. Add a specific user, or a role as the reviewer. Specify any additional information to be collected in each step. You could also create a new role right here.


Users in this role are automatically provided access to this form and will be notified when a form appears for review. You can specify time limits for completing a task and visual cues are automatically prompted when the form is opened. An overdue approval task shows up in red color and completed tasks turn green.


Add rules

Add the business rules that drive work from one step to another. A powerful rules engine hides behind the simple query builder that guides you to automate even your most complex workflows.

You can choose to send work to an approver or set field values based on fulfilling certain conditions. You could auto-approve based on certain conditions or you could trigger an entire new process.

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