Automate your Workflow

A rhetorical question? Yeah. Whether you are a multi-tasking owner running a small business or a million dollar empire, you are inevitably caught in the process quagmire. Processes might be simple or complex but it always involves multiple people, entities or departments.

People need to act on their tasks to keep work moving and slippages seem inevitable. In some cases, a gentle reminder email is all it takes to maintain steady progress.

Here is John’s story –

Cflow BPM software

John is the owner of a small business handling a team of 15 employees and considers himself to be a multi-tasking wizard. All processes within the company has to go through John.

He tries hard remembering the approvals waiting for him and digs through his emails constantly. He knows there has to be better way of managing his work. He realizes that his time is much more important and could be spent more valuably. His wife Sally, who works for a big multinational, has been using workflow automation software for years.

She advises John to try automating one or two processes and measure progress. John signs up for cflow and creates his workflow in minutes. He and his team measure diligently the overall time it takes to complete their processes. They initially find that it takes longer, but they stick with it. After a month, they clearly see the benefits.

Accountability has increased and John is much more efficient. Every member of John’s team is more efficient, effective and can visibly vouch for the value and change it has brought to the company.

Here are the core benefits you would derive by using Cavintek’s workflow automation software –


Cflow brings in all information in a single location and helps you take business decisions quickly and confidently. Cflow helps you become efficient in your work and gets the best out of your team.


Cflow provides you with the framework necessary to ensure compliance with policies and guidelines. Ensure all team members are on same page and rest easy.


Where are your bottlenecks and which are your fast lanes? You don’t wonder anymore as you are equipped with tools that pin accountability to an individual or process step.


Visual cues, email notifications and daily reminders keep your teams ready to roll, driving productivity and imparting a smart sense of achievement.

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