5 Undeniable benefits of workflow automation for your business

Before I tell you the irrefutable benefits of automating your business workflows, let’s look at what is workflow and what is automated workflow. Then I shall talk about why a business should automate its workflow by giving the indisputable benefits of workflow automation.

A Workflow consists of a series of sequential steps that need to be carried out one after another with proper approvals at each stage from the beginning to the end.

An Automated workflow is a technology solution that automates all the process involved in the workflow by eliminating most of the human intervention requirements.

Instead of telling you why a business should automate its workflow, I shall list out the indisputable benefits of workflow automation, after which you could decide if you need to automate your workflow and where you should look for a solution or help to automate your workflow.

1. Save time
The primary benefit of automated workflow is that it saves time. The term automation itself refers to mechanisation and computerisation, which in turn is the process related to saving time to complete a job with accuracy by improving the speed. Saving time for completing a job is directly related to saving the employee time, so that she can get involved in other productive tasks rather than doing a job with mechanical repetition of steps.

2. Save costs
When an employee gets involved in more productive tasks in the same working hours, it leads to more productivity. More productivity means saving more money for the organization as time and money are always interrelated.

3. Fewer administrative errors
Automated workflow results in fewer administrative errors as it eliminates the manual process of inputting data. ‘To err is Human’ during the process of data entries in the process steps. But automated applications do not err or make blunders. In an automated workflow system the next task is automatically triggered and the person responsible for the task is also intimated of the action expected out of him. So there is no possibility of missing on any of the steps in a workflow process.

4. Actionable data
Reports with graphical data for better visualisation are a major beneficial feature of an automated workflow. With detailed reports from the workflow software, organizations can easily identify critical bottlenecks like resource allocation, parts availability and preempt costly overruns. Ability to take action based on relevant data in a timely manner is possible with automation and capture of key performance metrics.

5. Efficient task management
Improvement in Task Management is yet another major benefit of workflow automation. This again leads to better communication. Due to automation, various departments are able to stay in touch more easily thereby improving the communication. All automated workflows mostly come with Tasks displaying ‘Dashboards’ and reminders intimating ‘Calendars’ which are visible to all users using the workflow which is an another advantage of automated workflows – ‘Visibility’. This helps Managers to quickly know the status, bottlenecks and opportunities of process improvement.

All the benefits listed above ultimately leads to ‘Improved business efficiency’ due to the implementation of automated workflows. The next crucial step is choosing the right workflow software for your organization. You could read one of earlier blogs “10 points to consider while choosing workflow software” to help you select the right software for your organization.
Cflow is our quick and easy workflow automation software which can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise and is also safe and secure. It has benefitted organizations like ‘Raj Petro Specialities, a Petrochemical manufacturing company, by increasing their Tender Participation by more than 70%. Tender Management System, a customized workflow designed using cflow for the Raj Group provided the complete visibility of all tender details in a single screen. This has helped them organize the required documents and approvals well before the due date. After automation of their workflow using cflow, they were able to participate in some of these tenders for the first time as they did not have the visibility of these tenders earlier.

Is your organization using any software for workflow automation? Share your thoughts on the benefits of the usage of automated workflow software.

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